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You be the host, we do the work.
Foster a hive today!

Be part of a global movement.
Help nature’s most important workers.

Join with beescause to Foster A Hive on your property, and then watch as your local plants, flowers and trees begin to thrive! With the Foster A Hive program you can have the benefits of a beehive in your yard, without the expense of buying, maintaining, or storing one.

How do I foster a hive?

To start this incredible journey, simply complete the Foster A Hive application form. After processing your application* and the assessment of your property has been done, beescause will determine it’s suitability for a hive.
(* Please note: a one time $30 processing fee may apply.)

Once approved, beescause will deliver and install the hive in the agreed location. Our qualified beekeepers will then return throughout the pollination season for periodical inspections to ensure the health and wellbeing of the colony.

At the end of the season, we will remove the hive and safely store it for the winter. As the welfare of the bees is our main priority, beescause will do a post-season review of all hives, and all Foster A Hive properties will be assessed before approval for the following season. If the colony is healthy and strong we’ll return with a hive the following spring.

We love repeat Foster Homes!

foster a hive urban hive 1 v1
foster a hive urban hive 1 v1

It's important that you check your local bylaws for guildlines and restrictions about keeping beehives on your property.
Some communities have specific requriements and instructions.

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foster a hive urban hive 2 v1

Is my property suitable for a beehive?

Hives can be in your front or back yard, as long as there is enough space and easy access for our beekeepers.

A good Foster Home location includes:

    bee hyphen Early morning sun.
    bee hyphen Shelter from strong winds.
    bee hyphen Sufficient pollen sources.
    bee hyphen Nearby water source.

Please note: If there is no water source on or near your property, beescause will provide a water dispenser for the hive. However, it will need to be filled and maintained by you. In warm weather and peak pollination times, a healthy hive can consume up to one gallon of water daily.

Foster a Hive Form

Fill out the form below to foster a hive: