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Honeybees: The Great Pollinators

Honeybees: The Great PollinatorsIf it weren’t for honeybees and other bee species, a third of the world’s food supply would cease to exist. These wonderful creatures are responsible for pollinating plants and crops, providing humans with food and beautiful flowers.But where do they put the pollen that they collect from the plants? Does it stick to […]

The life cycle of a honeybee

The Life Cycle of a Honeybee Honeybees are divided into three castes: queens, worker bees and drones. Queens and worker bees are both female – worker bees cannot be impregnated, however – while drones are male; their sole purpose is to impregnate a queen.The life cycles prior to adulthood for these three types of bees varies, but all […]

Who is the queen bee?

Who Is the Queen Bee?The queen bee of the hive — or of the office — often gets a bad rap for doing the least amount of work while getting the most credit.That’s a little unfair. After all, someone has to be in charge.When it comes to real bees, female workers have made the queen […]

Colony Collapse and Solutions

Colony Collapse and SolutionsThe phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder is when the masses of bees in a colony disappear and the queen is left behind with plenty of food and a few nurse bees to care for her and the remaining immature bees.The National Agricultural Statistics Services, or NASS, has been doing studies since 2015. In addition, […]

Does harvesting hurt bees?

Does harvesting honey hurt bees? The problem of the loss of the honeybee in commercial and residential settings has become one of the most important environmental problems the human race faces. Over the course of the last decade, Greenpeace has reported the situation regarding the decline of bees has reached problematic levels with around 40 percent of the […]

A backyard beehive: benefits you need to know

A Backyard Beehive: Benefits that You Need to KnowWhen you tend to the garden, insects and other critters are expected. However, when a bee lands nearby, most people have the impulse to shoo it away for fear of being stung. This is not always the best response because bees provide so many benefits to your […]

Safety around bees and beehives

Safety around bees and beehives You’ve grown up, and some issues that weren’t so important to you as a child are now at the forefront of your thoughts. Supporting your region’s honeybee population is one of them. As a child, you had a serious case of apiphobia, which is the technical term for fear of […]

The benefits of honey

The benefits of honeyBees are the true manufacturers of honey. Their sweet gift to us is considered a super-food not only because it can satisfy your taste buds and sweet tooth but also because it can speed up the recovery process when you’re dealing with injuries. In fact, thanks to the medicinal properties in this […]

How the decline of bees is affecting us

How the decline of bees is affecting us Our Bee population is declining at an alarming rate! Here’s what you need to know. The decline of the bee population hit alarming rates for the first time in the late-1990s and peaked in the 2000s. Despite the plateau in losses in the 2010s, the NRDC reports the summer […]

Learn a little about the different species of bees!

Learn a little bit about the different species of bees!There are many different Species of Bees  You don’t have to be a professional beekeeper to know that bees are important members of the world’s ecosystem. When European settlers arrived in North America over 400 years ago, they marveled at the region’s abundant natural resources and imported […]

Learn how to identify bees from wasps

How to identify bees from waspsLearn How You can Identify Bees From Wasps When you hear something unknown humming by your head, it’s natural to feel somewhat apprehensive, but you shouldn’t always act on that sentiment. Bees and wasps are quite different, and taking the time to identify what you’ve encountered is the best way to […]

Fun Facts About Bees

Fun Facts About BeesHere Are Some Fun Facts About Bees Honey bees pollinate more than 30 percent of the world’s food crops. As such they are among the most critical insects on the planet. However, one not-so-fun fact is that over the past decade, they have been dying off in record numbers. Consequently, many beekeepers […]