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How many of us have seen, heard or read the worrying news reports about our world’s bee populations and asked ourself is there anything I can do?

This is the question co-founders Maurice and Chris asked each other in the summer of 2018.

Beescause was formed to help reshape the future of the planets bee situation. We believe with action, awareness and education we can help empower people to make positive changes in the world.

At beescause we don’t want you to just be on the sidelines on this epic journey, we want you to join the hive and be part of the solution. Fact is the bees need our help. At beescause we believe together we make a difference.

Through the sale of our beescause bracelet we are able to generate an economy to employ people to build beehives, raise new colonies to populate the hives, then place and maintain the hives in public areas and neighborhoods around the globe.

This action based boots on the ground approach, combined with support of the 100 Bee Pledge and the Foster A Hive program, will make beneficial impacts on urban bee populations one hive at a time.

Join the beescause movement today and help us help the bees..

One planet. One cause.

Join the beescause movement and help us help the bees.

Chris Wheeler - beescause
Chris Wheeler - beescause

Chris Wheeler

Chris was raised on Vancouver Island on the west coast of British Columbia. He has always had a love for the outdoors and enjoys, boating, fishing and camping with his two teenage sons.

“I think we should leave this planet in better shape for our kids than when we received it. With starting beescause I believe we can achieve that goal.”

Maurice Allen - beescause
Maurice Allen - beescause

Maurice Allen

Maurice grew up in northeast British Columbia and lives on an acreage. This rural living helped instill his love for nature, which he has transferred to his three children.

Maurice has also been a beekeeper for a number of years.

“With having bees, I’ve witnessed the positive results in my garden and on the surrounding flowers and trees. My dream now, is to share and see these same results in neighborhoods and public areas around the globe. I think with beescause we have the proper vehicle to accomplish this.”

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Purchase our beescause bracelet today & help raise 100 bees

With the purchase of a beescause bracelet, you will be helping revitalize our urban bee populations one hive at a time.

By proudly wearing your beescause bracelet, you will promote awareness of our worlds bee issues and show your support for such an important movement.

Together we make a difference!