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Bees are dying at an alarming rate.
Recorded annual deaths are a staggering 30%-40%.

The bees need your help.

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Purchase our beescause bracelet today & help raise 100 bees

With the purchase of a beescause bracelet, you will be helping revitalize our urban bee populations one hive at a time.

By proudly wearing your beescause bracelet, you will promote awareness of our worlds bee issues and show your support for such an important movement.

Together we make a difference!

You be the host, we do the work.
Foster A Hive

Join with beescause to Foster A Hive on your property, and then watch as your local plants, flowers and trees begin to thrive! With the Foster A Hive program you can have the benefits of a beehive in your yard, without the expense of buying, maintaining, or storing one.